“The gaze of the One Eye brings madness to many an orc..”

They laid waste to the mountains, and set the forests aflame. Such is the role of the orcs, to take all and destroy which they desire. All in the name of their mighty god Gruumsh.


Fangs of the Screaming Eye

Over 8,000 strong and laying claim to an old temple, the orc clan known as the Fangs of the Screaming Eye are vast in number. The aberrant Orog who commands the hordes of Orc City is both strong and intelligent. Humans should not expect a warm welcome here.

Orcs worship their gods with more fear than love. Gruumsh, the unblinking god of destruction, is envisioned with one eye by all who revere him. It is not uncommon for orc clans to name themselves in honour of their one-eyed god.

Band together, Heroes! Infiltrate the city, and disperse the Fangs of the Screaming Eye.

Coming Sunday19th July 2020, we a pleased to announce: Orc City.



What’s included?

The passage to Orc City will open
NEW level cap of 178
NEW Heroes League entry of 173
NEW unseen minions
NEW fun monster AIs
NEW super-boss, Gruumsh
NEW boss, Orog
NEW sub-boss, Eye Of Gruumsh
NEW level 170 equipment sets
NEW level 172 armour sets (quest available)
 NEW level 174 weapon sets
Enhanced item salvaging and crafting
New Mythic Items


New item sets

We all love shiny new glowy things. That is why we decided it was important to add a new full set of equipment for all character classes. This includes new armours and weapons which are not-so-difficult to obtain, much like in the previous update; the Dawn of Evil Mir.



A secret quest can be found to upgrade these armours, however the weapons will not be upgrade-able until the Forgotten Realms expansion. For salvage or for war, whatever you do, go forth and plunder!


Enhanced Salvaging and Crafting

We wanted to make the salvaging and crafting system more fun and engaging, especially for lower level players. Therefore the random nature of the process has been dampened down and you should also feel more control over the success of each craft.

Each salvaged Essence and Design will be of better quality and will also be more successful on higher level items, PLUS crafting in general will be more successful on higher level items.

All in all, while it might be beneficial to seek higher level items to salvage, it is not as necessary as it once was. This means that new content such as the new orc items will be craft-able right from the release and it may even be possible to get good results using Evil Mir items as reagents!

We will continue to monitor the items crafted and should it become too easy we may need to scale back a little on the results.



Mythic Updates

Added some new Mythic attributes to items
Guardian now adds base AC / MAC
Everlast removed from new stone drops




Other updates

After many, many, many, exciting events, and a revamp of lower level content, we released four new hunting grounds where you can spend GamePoints. Included in this update are a handful of minor fixes and changes:

✓ Fixed a lighting issue on some maps
✓ Expanded doors in Sunken Ship to limit blocking
✓ Increased Evil Mir Mythic drop rate
✓ Fixed weak guards
✓ Increased TDB hit success
Added a limit to GamePoints of 5000



Forgotten Realms Expansion

We anticipate a small expansion to Orc City that will land in a couple of months. The Forgotten Realms will feature King Obould and the Many-Arrows tribe!

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