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All our Legend of Mir servers can be played from the same game installation on Microsoft Windows only.


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The Legend of Mir

The Legend of Mir is an MMORPG based on an ancient oriental world where great warriors, dark sorcerers and mighty Taoists pursue a legacy to rid the evil creatures that dominate the vast lands of Mir. In The Legend of Mir you can be a powerful warrior and develop your ability in close combat, a skilled wizard with the strength to set the earth on fire or a magnificent Taoist enriched with inner spirituals powers.

Thousands of users can play together in the vast world of Mir, fight side by side to develop your skills and become stronger and stronger… explore dangerous dungeons and fantastic cities… create powerful guilds and conquer legions of devilific creatures.. defend amazing castles.. or even raze them to the ground. Since 2002 Project 69 has been entertaining the masses bringing high quality game play and monthly updates to an ever expanding game. What’s more is that Project69 is completely free, for now and forever!


Mir Arcadia

Play The Legend of Mir in HD with 100’s of extra features.. Mir Arcadia


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