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All our Legend of Mir servers can be played from a single installation on Microsoft Windows. Want to know more? Check out the getting started guide below.


Legend of Mir installation is easy, simple and free! Visit the download page for info.

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The Legend of Mir

The Legend of Mir is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG based in an ancient oriental world. Great warriors, dark sorcerers and mighty Taoists pursue a legacy to rid the vast lands of Mir of the evil creatures that consume it.

Thousands of users can play together in the vast open world, fight side by side to develop your skills, explore dangerous dungeons, fantastic cities and open planes. Create powerful Guilds and conquer cities in great combat events.

Since 2002 we have been delivering high quality game-play across a mixture of servers. All of which are completely free to play, for now, and, forever!

Our Game Servers

Since 2002 we have been developing quality content for our game servers.
Project 69

Project 69

Launched November 2002

Our first game server. Launched just as a bit of fun, Project69 suddenly became a popular server to play.



Launched April 2013

Our most popular server was based heavily on Project 69 at launch, now has a personality of it's own. A vast land of over 18 provinces filled with dungeons of monsters and loot.

Rise of the Archons

Rise of the Archons

Launched April 2017

Our latest server. Eight character classes lead the Rise of the Archons on a quest to stabilise a world dominated by demons and dragons.

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What's new in Mir?

Buffs Added for Event

We have listened to player feedback and understand that you have been disheartened by the quality of the event. We decided to buff things up a little! Enjoy Christmas with some server-wide buffs! These buffs Read more…

Battle Planes of Acheron

The Battle Planes of Acheron will open today at 6pm GMT. Fight Maglubiyet, the war god of the goblins and hobgoblins in this high level hunting grounds. Entry requires level 185, a Demon Orb and 30 Demon Souls. Read more…