Create a New Account

Want a new account? You can create a new account through the game, or you can do it on the forum. A forum account will also give you access to the game accounts on Arcadia and Project69.

Arcadia, Project69, and the forums use the same account server and you can access any of those platforms with just one username and password.


Recover an Account

Use the recovery form to have your password reset: Recover password via email


Activate an Account

You must activate all new account by email confirmation. A valid email address is necessary for account security and id/password retrieval.

Link: Change Email Address (password required)
Link: Request Activation Email (Send to email above)

If you have not received an activation email take the following steps:

  1. Check your spam and junk folder on your email providers website, some providers have BOTH a spam and a junk folder
  2. Check that your email address is correct
  3. Request your activation email again, emails are sent immediately

If you receive email through a software client such as Outlook using pop3, you may need to log into the website of your provider ISP in order to view the junk or spam folders


Project69 Account Notice

All Project69 accounts created before 2016 were merged with the login server over on the forum. Your Project69 username has changed! Each account transferred from Project69 has been suffixed with “p69” to prevent any duplicates on the account server.

Your username is now: “usernameP69

Your password and email is unchanged.