Mir Arcadia Rules

Last Updated, January 12 2022.

When accessing the discussion forum, game server or other service we (“We”, “Us”) provide (“Services”), the individual creating or accessing (“You” or “Your”) agree to adhere to the Community Standards and Rules and the Gameplay Rules.

Breaches of the Community Standards and Rules are determined at the sole discretion of a member of staff and punishment will be dealt with based on their severity. Appeals may be made where You believe there has been unjust punishment dealt.

In general, a hierarchy of warnings will be observed:

  1. A short chat ban on Your in game character(s)
  2. An extended chat ban on Your in game character(s)
  3. Suspension of Your account(s)


You are not permitted to share accounts or personal account information. If an account password is forgotten it may be returned to the individual who created the account via email recovery. This is the only method of password retrieval.

If You have forgotten Your password and do not have access to the email address which created the account then You may not be able to recover the account. We reserve the right to disable or suspend any account without notice under breach of any rules.


Gameplay Rules

The following actions are forbidden on any of our Services. Any accounts found to have broken these rules will be suspended. 

  • Cheating – This includes any attempt to edit downloaded files inside the game directory, editing the game in active memory, or using third party applications to artificially improve game play.
  • Bug Exploiting – By, for example, but not limited to, abusing faults in the game. Bugs must be reported the moment they are discovered.
  • Resale and external trade – Buying, selling and trading of characters is forbidden. Trading of in-game items, currency, points or other digital assets must be done within the constraints of the game interface. Trading of these assets for fiat currency, “real world” objects, or for virtual goods outside of the game is forbidden. This includes trading between any of our Services where not allowed to do so by means available within the Services.
  • Impersonation – Impersonating another player or member of staff is not allowed. Personal gain must not be sought through such means.
  • Financial Reversals – If a financial reversal, chargeback or dispute is opened on an account it will be suspended immediately while investigated. If You have any issues with GameGold please contact customer services via the order confirmation email You received.


Community Standards and Rules

While using our Services, You must abide by common social norms in social and chat areas. When posting – ask You, yourself, would I speak this way to a close relative or officer of the law?

The following violations will not be tolerated in our community:

  • Abusive language – Abusive language, directed or not, will not be tolerated. This includes demeaning words or phrases, making threats, insults, and sarcastic comments.
  • Discrimination – Discrimination has no place in our community. We will not tolerate people being targeted for their race, religion, political alignment, gender, or personal views of such.
  • Bullying – Any observed patterns of bullying will be determined and investigated with particularly severe punishments given to those who have been shown to gang up against any other user(s).
  • Trolling – Any form of persistent trolling or flaming of users or staff will be deemed abusive in nature.
  • Profanity – Profanity may not be used, particularly where it is targeted at any person, person(s) or user(s).
  • Obscene Content – Posting / submitting any content that may be deemed obscene is not permitted.
  • Revealing personal information – Posting personal information of anyone, including Your own is not permitted.
  • Retaliations – If a rule is breached against you, it is important that you report it and do not retaliate. Any retaliation(s) you make will be punishable against the rules.
  • Advertising – Do not advertise any products or services without prior agreement with Us.
  • Illegal Activity – Do not break any law(s) or encourage any uses to break any law(s) or discuss illegal activities.