Quick update today. We hope you have enjoyed the relatively peaceful last two weeks without events!

There has been a big push to rebalance content for lower levels. Recently we updated all the monster stats for regions below 140 and now we have completely rebuilt all the drops for regions Middle Earth to Crystalline Passage.

✓ Added the Tavern (an old P69 throwback)
✓ Drop tables completely rebuilt for regions level 50-120
✓ Updated GP hunting caves – Old Tomb and Halls of Agony
✓ Added Prajna Mutant Lair (GP hunting)
✓ Arena has been removed
✓ All unnecessary “sell” and “buy” links on NPCs have been removed
✓ Removed the ability to Quick Sell “rare” items
✓ Weapons/Armours above level 160 have revised stats
✓ Some (minor) low level skill changes
✓ GameShop skill price adjustments
✓ Removed expiry date on new runes


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