The UK went into lockdown on March 30th.. Arcadia went into overdrive.

Let’s take a look back over 3 weeks of lockdown


Week 1: Contagion-20

Players reported the spread of a mana-sucking, health-draining virus. It seemed to originate from an ancient sealed mine. Rotten, stinking, putrefied Zombies were rising from the ground all over Arcadia. And along with them, a debilitating virus was unearthed. Did you dare go to the source? Ten ancient mines opened up all over Arcadia hidden deep in the darkness of dungeons.



Week 2: Badass buffs

Double Drops

Double drops

While everyone recovered from the contagion we had almost a full week of server wide buffs. Sometimes the simple things make a huge difference. One of the favourites is Double Super & Champion Spawns, who doesn’t love watching those guys pop? A close contender is the Experience multiplier x1.5, a surprisingly effective amount when you actually knuckle down in a cave and focus.

We also had full days of 200% extra Magic Find, and Drop Rate Multiplier x2. Sometimes a change of pace is all that is needed to inspire you to try something new. What did you do differently?


Week 3: Dungeons & Dragons

Easter simply wouldn’t be the same without it. Dungeons & Dragons is a hugely successful Easter event that we have delivered for the last three years. This year was an even greater success and saw the return of literally hundreds of old players. 




Next Up: Lockdown-2

Those first three weeks lockdown passed quickly, and it was recently announced by government that there would be at least another three weeks of lockdown.

It is our intention therefore, to prepare another three weeks of events for you, starting with global buffs on Tuesday 21st April.

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