Project 69 Play now

  1. Check compatability with you computer here: system requirements.
  2. Download and install here: Project69 Mir2
  3. Enter the game and select “new”. Here you will fill out a registration form for a new account. Ensure to complete this form fully. After completing the form select “OK” and a confirmation message should appear. Correct any mistakes if necessary.
  4. Now enter your account ID and password, selecting “OK” will precess you to the character creation screen.
  5. Select create character, enter a name (you can not change the name so make sure to pick one you like), select a gender and a profession. You may be a warrior, a wizard or a taoist. Select “OK” to create your new character.
  6. Click “start” to begin playing Project69.


Frequently Asked Questions:

When I start the game it says connection closed.
The connection closed error refers to the connection between you and the server.
This error can occur if you have a firewall blocking the connection or if the server is offline.

So i’m new what do I do?
First off you will need to download the game and install the game, you can get it here and install it by double clicking the file.
Secondly run the game (mir2.exe) make an account by selecting new account and then filling out the form.
Once logged in create a character and begin playing!

Who are the Game Masters?
Game Masters are listed on the welcome screen just after you select your character and log in game.

After selecting OK on the welcome screen the game closes.
This usually means that your mir2.exe is out of date and you should update it by looking for updates on the forum or dowbloading the client again.

When I log in for the first time what do I do?
The first time you log in you should talk to the notice NPC and the assistant NPC outside of the room you are in.
They will tell you how to get started.

How can I make money?
A good way of making money is to go to Ice Temple killing some monsters and selling the potion bundles they drop.

Where should I hunt?
There are many different areas for you to explore, beginners should be hunting in places like Ice Temple and serpent tomb. As you advance through the game there are places like low level cave for 40+, med level cave for 50+and high level cave for 60+.

How do I use ingame @ commands?
If you type @help you will be provided with a list of options and commands that you can use.

What is PK?
PK means Player Kill. There is a system where if you kill someone who’s name isn’t red or brown you gain 100 PK points, these points deteriorate slowly over time in game. When you have 200+ points your name goes red, archers will attack you and people will kill you without gaining PK points. Red PKers will be sent to hell where they must work off their status either waiting a very long time or hunting there.

What do the abbreviations mean?
AC – Armour Class
MAC/AMC – Magic Armour Class
DC – Damage Class (Warrior)
MC – Magic Class (Wizard)
SC – Soul Class (Taoist)HP – Health Points
MP – Mana PointsPR – Poison resist
PA – Poison Attack
MR – Magic resist
Slow – Freezing ability
A.Speed – Attack speed
Acc – Accuracy
Agil – Agility

I am very laggy ingame what is wrong?
There are several reasony why you may be laggy:
1) Your connection to the server is very poor, ie you have a slow internet connection/are situated a long distance from the server (which is in London, UK)
2) You computer is using up a lot of resources, try turning off background programs such as MSN to improve performance.:
3) Firewalls can slow the connection or even block certain packets causing strange things to happen so make sure you completely enable Project69 on your firewall.:
4) Mir2 does not support multiple core processors and so they may cause performance problems. Sometimes setting the program affinity to just 1 core will fix the problem but you may need to completely disable a core (please search the troubleshooting forum for more help).:
5) Dual display is also known to cause lag, disable any secondary displays before starting mir.