Arcadia will go offline today at 2pm for update and maintenance. A list of engine updates can be found here.

Heroes League

Reach the level soft-cap to automatically become a renowned Hero of Arcadia. A powerful aura surrounds you. People gasp at your vision. You are a member of, the Heroes League.

Perks for becoming a member (soft cap perks)
Emblem displayed above character
Status display on Ranking windows
Quick-teleport to Heroes Town (“H”)
Heroes Town has convenient NPCs for members
✓ Access to Ancient items (upcoming update)

Heroes League

The Heroes League is effectively a re-branding of the “soft cap” at level 165. Rather than being a so called cap, it is an achievement milestone that will move each time the real level cap does. Only the players at the very top of the Heroes League will continue to be members when the level cap is next raised (fox example, with the release of Past Bichon membership starts at level 168).

Also in the update

✓ Level 150, 165 and Celestial weapons have revised stats
✓ Level 150 armours are now level 152
✓ Released new 146/158 armour sets
✓ Added additional Amulet NPCs in Phoenix Castle and Woomyon
✓ Up to 30% increase of gold drops from mobs
✓ Some changes to the shop value of socket items


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