Active from Monday 8th to Sunday 14th June

This exciting new event debuted at the start of April. After a few minor adjustments we thought it would be great to see this in game again. Most importantly, you will no longer transfer the contagion while in safe zone.



Beware, Heroes! CONTAGION-20 is spreading throughout Arcadia! An ancient sealed mine holds secrets to be discovered. Rotten, stinking, putrefied Zombies are rising from the ground all over Arcadia. And along with them, a debilitating virus has been unearthed. 


Would you dare go to the source? Ten ancient mines are accessible from zombie holes within secret locations all over Arcadia:

  • Ant Cave (max level 90)
  • Mutant Mines (max level 105)
  • Sunken Temple (max level 120)
  • Iku’s Lair (max level 135)
  • Naga Valley (max level 140)
  • Savage Terror Temple (max level 145)
  • Crypt of the Dark Cult (max level 155)
  • Isle of the Dead (max level 165)
  • Desert City
  • Past Bichon


Each mine has four or five entrances scattered across the dungeon. Look out for groups of bats and oldskool zombies rising from the ground.

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