Rise together, Archons a new dark entity has emerged!

Take the long Arcane Path to the east of Panthera Ruins. Fight off the cheeky bush monkeys and reach the Arcane Jungle surrounding a beautiful palace. Head north to finally discover the Dead Tomb, home of the rotten and the rancid Dark Defiler.

The Arcane Path to the Dead Tomb will open on Friday 5th March at 10:00 AM GMT

Enter the Dead Tomb to enjoy a fun set of Zombies each with a particular ability, or inability! Crawlers crawl and Runners run, just don’t be surprised when you meet a Shocker.. And mind your step, else you may end up in a Dead Crypt with no way out (for the living).


New Level Cap and Updates

Updates coming very soon:
✓ NEW Portal Village : Arcane Palace
✓ NEW Level cap : Level 72
✓ NEW Heroes League entry : Level 67
✓ NEW resting exp cap : Level 66
✓ Added golden wings for level cap players
✓ Added Extermination Meter player-glow for 110% +
✓ Updated reflect damage GFX
✓ Added “Rest” under minimap to indicate a Resting Exp area
✓ Added “(Resting)” to hover strings while Resting Exp is generating
✓ Added AFK ‘zzz’ to usernames
✓ Added an @pvp menu to teleport you to various contest rooms
✓ Double Resting Experience can be gained in Contest Rooms / Pangu Tavern


New Dungeon: Dead Tomb

Coming Friday 5th March. Entry only for Archons!
✓ NEW dungeon unlocked : Dead Tomb
✓ Monster Level 65-66
✓ NEW fun monsters
✓ NEW GROSS boss and gory sub-boss
✓ NEW higher level equipment
✓ NEW set items : Tomb Set
✓ NEW Achievements and Ability points


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