There has been a mixture or balancing updates and features implemented on Rise of the Archons today, such as increases in Marble drop rates, Gem refine and item special repair.

Lord stats have also been revised and their drop files extended to include a new collection of sockets, misc GameShop potions and higher rates of mythic items.


Update log:

Added Lunar Events (similar to Arcadia but different days)
Updated stats on Identification Scrolls +1, +3, +5, +10
Added special repair to merchants in Mud Wall, Sabuk Wall and Sabuk Palace (different costs)
Increased Marble drop rates for Dead Tomb and Blackened Temple
Extended the expiry duration of Marbles, Cracked Gems, Gems and Orbs
Added Mystery Marbles to the GameShop
Added a Gemstone polishing NPC to Pangu (like Kevin on Arcadia)
Added a new array of sockets to insert into items
Updated Lord stats and drop files
Fixed some issues with Sabuk Wall


Lunar Events

Enjoy events of extra XP, drops and magic find. There will be four lunar events per month. For more information on lunar event read here.

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