Rise of the Archons will go offline for a short update today. We have been looking over skills again and have started to adjust and improve them, primarily for Monk, however other classes will be looked at soon too.


Misc Updates

Increased base AC/MAC on Guardian Mythic items
Younger Mythic items are now -10 levels
Added Survive Mythic for Boots & Bracelets
Reduced rate of gold dropping to floor but increased gold amount that drops
Electric Shock will extend pet tame time faster and for longer when
When Nurture is max level it will passively improve Electric Shock retame times


Auction House

Fixed some issues with page numbers displaying incorrectly
Increased search limit to 50 pages
Added more search filters to a dropdown list (eg Skills, Orbs / Gems, Sockets, Potions, Arcamon)
Removed Essence and Design from Misc Tab (these can easily be searched)


Monk updates

Intensify adds shock to Holy Shock
Intensify adds firewall to Holy Fire
Intensify adds ice cloud to Holy Freeze
Shadow Dash cooldown reduced from 16 to 6
Whirlwind increased damage, added push, removed cooldown
Punish reduced Mana Points

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