We have rebooted Rise of the Archons today in order to implement some changes. The key update being a revision made to all bosses and sub-bosses in-game. We hope to make sub-bosses more accessible to solo players of a similar level so that they can reach their achievements and earn items to help them progress.

Bosses remain difficult however will deal less damage in order for a group to have more of a chance of killing a boss at their level range.

We have also applied some updates to Assassins. If any player is having difficulties hunting with their character in an area designed for their particular level then they are encouraged to post on the forum and we will assess the situation and make recommendations or changes where necessary.


Updates include:
✓ Revised all sub / boss stats including HP, DC / MC, Demon Souls and Guild Build Points
Assassin: Removed the cooldown on Ruthlessness and increased skill duration
Assassin: Removed the cooldown on Defiance and increased skill duration
Assassin: Increased damage to undead on skill Lightning Slash
✓ Small experience reduction when monster is higher level than player
✓ Added disconnect timer on revive window

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