Thank you to everyone that has been working with us to improve things on Rise of the Archons. This morning we implemented an update, the notes of which are below.

✓ New login page / server selection page
✓ Exit button removed*
✓ Pangu Tavern added
✓ Added event notice boards in Bichon Wall
✓ Added Trainers to Pangu Guild House
✓ Fixed Achievement bugs (AcidAnt / AntQueen etc)
✓ More changes to monster and boss stats
✓ Increased the chance of getting Luck + from Benediction Oil
✓ Pets no longer die when you die (TRIAL FEATURE – please report any issues)
✓ Added some Wicked Traders to various dungeons (mostly 1st floor)


Assassin Changes

✓ Added 2 A.Speed to Ruthlessness
✓ Reduced FatalSword damage boost to 20%
✓ FireSlash renamed to DarkSlash
✓ Crimson Tempest removed and replaced with Surround Slash
✓ Frozen Tempest now has 100% chance to slow for random duration
✓ Skills now use Dark elements instead of Fire


Mystic Changes

✓ Removed the cooldown on Soul Purge
✓ Removed the cooldown on TigerCharge, reduced damage
✓ Increased (slightly) damage on Soul Amulet
✓ Explosive Amulet is now a passive skill to Soul Amulet


Other Skill Changes

✓ Necromancer skill Nightfall changed to Dark damage
✓ Pyromancer skill FireWall changed to 3 second cooldown
✓ Pyromancer skill Hellfire extended by 2 yards

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