Archons, we are delighted to release some more updates and another skill review which should help to focus each class into their strengths and make them easier in general to play.



✓ Added misc item name colours
✓ Fixed shop stock issue with HogTusks
✓ Fixed some more Achievement issues
✓ Prevented any new items from identifying +SC
✓ Added weapon salvaging to MudWall Blacksmith
✓ Increased drop rate of wearable stones
✓ Updated Merchant names & professions


Revised Class Elements

We have narrowed the requirements of various classes to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Elements. Each class should be best suited to focusing on achieving their Primary Element first and foremost with the Secondary Element assisting thereafter.

Tertiary Elements may suit a more refined player hoping to achieve superior power.


Barbarian: Primary(Fire), Secondary(Lightning), Tertiary(Ice)
Pyromancer: Primary(Fire), Secondary(Dark), Tertiary(Lightning)
Mystic: Primary(Holy), Secondary(Fire), Tertiary(Ice)
Assassin: Primary(Lightning), Secondary(Dark), Tertiary(Ice)
Hunter: Primary(none)
Stormcaller: Primary(Lightning), Secondary(Ice), Tertiary(none)
Necromancer: Primary(Dark), Secondary(Fire), Tertiary(Lightning
Monk: Primary(Holy), Secondary(Ice, Fire, Lightning)


Skill Review

In line with the above information there has been a review of skills across the classes and some modest changes have been made.

✓ Halfmoon changed to Lightning damage
✓ FireSword reduced damage and cooldown
✓ BladeTsunami changed to Lightning damage
✓ TwinDrakeBlade removed Dark damage
✓ ArcticBlade added Lightning damage, reduced cooldown
✓ CrossHalfMoon added Ice damage
✓ DragonCharge removed Dark damage
✓ SearingBlade added Lightning damage, reduced cooldown
✓ TerrifyingRoar lowered cooldown
✓ TwinDrakeBlade increased damage

✓ Hellfire removed cooldown
✓ Meteor lowered cooldown
✓ MagicBooster increased duration, cooldown to 90sec
✓ SuanniLegion cooldown reduced
✓ FireWall damage increased, removed cooldown
✓ Scorch damage increased
✓ MagicShield increased max duration
✓ Blaze secondary element changed to Lightning

✓ XueLong cooldown removed
✓ StaticBlast removed 5 sec cooldown
✓ ThunderNova increased damage
✓ Blizzard lowered cooldown to 16
✓ Focus increased duration to 60 sec, cooldown 90sec
✓ FrozenShield increased max duration to 300 sec

✓ Decimate added Fire damage
✓ Bloodcurse increased Poison Resistance

Other Classes
Assassin: Dispatch added Lightning damage, reduced damage and cooldown
Hunter: Isolate lowered cooldown to 6 sec
Hunter: Arrows passing over obstacles no longer miss the target


Please feel free to discuss these changes with us on the forum, all suggestions are welcomed.

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