Huge list of updates for March:

✓ Set kits, Bichon, Mongchon etc have modified levels
✓ Set kits have increased drop rates from bosses and Lords
✓ Hidden Quests “Crafting a Masterpiece” 1-9 added / updated.
✓ Added a Mount merchant at Bichon Stables (357:281)
✓ All basic jewellery and defensive gear is now in shops
✓ Increased rate of item drops getting socket slots
✓ Fixed issue with Gems disappearing too soon
✓ Removed champion notification on pets
✓ No more boss notifications for dead bosses..
✓ Prevented important system messages from being hidden in chat – if you wish to contest any of these let us know..
✓ MagicFind now affects rate of Red item drops (as well as how special they can be)
✓ Music now plays in the background, to disable, hit F12 > Sound > Background Music
✓ You can now click on the minimap to quickly show @move for Teleport Ring activation
✓ If a merchant can buy your items, they will highlight green in bag
✓ Added level specific hints that appear every hour
✓ Assassin, Shadow Dash added at level 31
✓ Assassin, Petrification moved to level 45
✓ Assassin, Heavenlysword removed
✓ Assassin, Shadow Drain added
✓ Assassin, Flash Dash removed
✓ Hunter, Headshot and Kneeshot are now passive skills
✓ Hunter, Attack speed has a greater impact on Arrow attacks
✓ Added a potential fix for the “sticky feet” issue. You may experience a single knock-back when the server corrects your position, but should be able to move immediately after that.
✓ If you have clicked a target player/monster and try to run away with right click, previously the game continued to draw you to attack the target. Now you will only try to attack if you press shift. This way, with skill, you may hit and run, hit and run.
✓ Skills on F1-8 will take precedence over running, which should make it easier to cast and attack

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