We have been slowly working on more behind the scene updates and improvements, both to the client and engine. Today we have implemented some exciting updates!

✓ Enhancements to item salvaging and crafting
✓ Merchant Shops now list non-stock (player sold) items from latest to oldest
✓ Updated weapon and item glows (F10 view) where appropriate
✓ Removed the ability to Quick Sell “rare” items
✓ Marginally reduced the rate of Warrior durability loss in combat
✓ Fixed a lighting issue that occurred on some maps
✓ Increased Twin Drake Blade hit success


Enhanced Salvaging and Crafting

We wanted to make the salvaging and crafting system more fun and engaging, especially for lower level players. Therefore the random nature of the process has been dampened down and you should also feel more control over the success of each craft.

Each salvaged Essence and Design will be of better quality and will also be more successful on higher level items, PLUS crafting in general will be more successful on higher level items.

All in all, while it might be beneficial to seek higher level items to salvage, it is not as necessary as it once was. This means that new content such as the new orc items will be craft-able right from the release and it may even be possible to get good results using Evil Mir items as reagents!

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