Greetings Arcadians! Following on from a project that started nearly 10 months ago with a much needed upgrade to Warrior Skills, and a mini Skill Review then in March, we are pleased to finally deliver a much more substantial rework of all skills in game.

Some skills have been removed, some combined, some tweaked, some completely reworked and we have a handful of new additions (for now!).

We thought at this point it was a great opportunity to get these updates into Arcadia and allow everyone to see what they think so we can use feedback to make more tweaks and ensure that the next set of skill releases are filling the gaps that we want them to.


Key Updates to Skills and Spells

All skills have been reviewed for their performance and modifications made where it seemed appropriate. This is by no means final and we would like to hear player feedback
All skills have been reviewed for “train point” requirements in order to improve the experience of leveling them up
All skills review of Mana points to be more in balance of power and need, and to more properly reflect the class’ Mana pool
All skills updated to new drop files for specific books in specific locations (see below)
All skills updated to allow level 4 (where possible), level 4 is locked, to allow for future releases
Skills updated in GameShop and have prices set to 100 GG, primarily for those who wish to power-level and skip hunting for them
Some skills have been completely removed from drops and it is likely these skills will be removed from game in the near future
Skill magic Elements have been considered, however a more fundamental change may be considered in future



New Skills and Spells

New Skill (Warrior) – EnragedPassive – Increases the duration of Damage Field, Protection Field and Berserk
New Skill (Warrior) – Diamond Skin – Turn to diamond for a short period and deflect physical damage while being unable to move
New Skill (Wizard) – MultiStrikePassive – Increases the number of strikes discharged by Thunder Bolt
New Skill (Wizard) – Frozen Orbs – Absorb atmospheric magic and charge orbs of ice to provide additional spell damage
New Skill (Wizard) – Nurture – Consume 30% mana to heal nearby pets. Maintains pet’s life when you die. Increases retame time at max skill level
New Skill (Taoist) – CleansePassive – Enhance your Purificaiton ability to remove additional ailments. Effects pass to healing skills
New Skill (Taoist) – Salvation – Increase the elemental resistances of allies
New Skill (Taoist) – Master SummonerPassive – Enhance BoneFamiliar and Shinsu, and sustain both a Guardian Angel and an Elemental at the same time
New Skill (Taoist) – ReplenishPassive – Automatically replenish Amulets or Poison Bags in the Amulet slot
New Skill (Taoist) – Plague – Start a plague infecting nearby enemies with both Red and Green poisons
New Skill (Taoist) – IntensifyPassive – Adds additional effects and increases the rate of damage from Holy Fire, Holy Freeze and Holy Shock



Skill Book Drop Locations

Region updates and changes over the years meant that skill books were not dropping in appropriate regions. This has also been affected by changes to skill levels in this review. For that reason all skills level 55 and above have been updated to new drop tables and regions.

Generally speaking, each skill will now only drop from one region, although in some cases two dungeons may share the same drop tables. Skill books prior to the ones listed below will be implemented when content is revised and will be available through merchant shops.

This is not a comprehensive list:

Serpent Tomb – EtherealBlades, FlameDisruptor, EnergyRepulsor
Ant Cave – FlameField, Enhancer, AdvancedFencing
Prajna Temple – ToxicGas, MeteorStrike, DamageField
Insect Cave – CrossHalfMoon, FireThrust, SummonAngel
Black Dragon Dungeon – TwinDrakeBlade, Blizzard, LionRoar, BorealTiger
Fox Path – ShadowSlayer, ThunderNova
Svaltus Cave – Vampirism, Confusion, BlazingSword
Zuma Dungeon – GlacialShower, BlazingAmulet
Mutant Mines – DragonBreak, ChillingSword
Holy Palace – Berserk, InnerSight, Salvation
Hercules – LowerFire&Ice, FireFrenzy, Blaze
Forseti – Bloodlust, DragonfireShield, EnergyShield
Cisthene Cave – StormThrust, Ignite, Revive
Desolate Chamber – TwinDrakeFire, ArcticBlast, SummonElemental
Iku’s Lair – Firestorm, FrostFrenzy, DevilsVision
Crystalline Passage – Inferno, SamuraiTraining, ThousandSword
Temple Of Ancients F1-5 – CallOfPhoenix, BattleCharge, HolyShock
Naga Ruins – MultiStrike, Enlightenment
Naga Valley – Swordsmanship, LightningStorm, ZombieCharger
Desert Tunnel – LuringCry, Translocation, HolyFire
Cursed Jungle – FlameswordFire, FrozenGround, Repent
Paradise Isles/Lakes – SuanniLegion, Cleanse
Isle of the Dead – Awakened, Bloodstorm, HolyFreeze
Desert City – Slice, Frostbite, MasterSummoner
Crystalline Temple – Replenish
Past Bichon – Enraged, FrozenOrbs, Plague
Orc City – DiamondSkin, Nurture, Intensify


Itemised Changes

Below is a more detailed list of changes. We apologise if some changes may have been missed from the list – this was not intentional. Some updates reflect changes from March.

Revelation – removed from drops
Teleport – removed from drops
TaoHalfMoon – removed from drops
Terror – removed from drops
Skill Fencing changed to level 8, increased Accuracy
Skill SpiritSword changed to level 8, reduced Accuracy, increased Agility
Skill Repulsion changed to level 8, reduced delay
Skill Slaying changed to level 14
Skill Thunderbolt changed to level 19
ElectricShock extends pet tame time faster
HolyFire, Shock and Freeze range reduced from 8 to 5 yards from player
When pets untame they will now die
UltimateEnhancer renamed to Enhancer
ProtectionField reduced delay 1000 to 800
DamageField reduced delay 1000 to 800
Berserk reduced delay 1200 to 1000
ThunderStrike reduced delay 1000 to 800
SummonShinsu reduced delay 1200 to 1000
EnergyShield reduced delay 1500 to 1200
SummonElemental reduced delay 2000 to 1000
Bone Familiar will now stand in front of master
Shinsu will now stand behind master
GuardianAngel will now stand to the rear right of master
Elemental will now stand to the rear left of master
HolyShock lowered to level 124 from 148
HolyShock increased damage to undead, reduced damage to living
HolyFire lowered to level 124 from 154
HolyFire increased overall damage and damage to undead
HolyFreeze lowered to level 154 from 158
HolyFreeze increased overall damage
EnergyShield increased defence
Repent Increase to level 142 from 140
Summon Skeleton decreased cooldown
Summon Shinsu increased cooldown
Summon Angel added cooldown, increased mana cost
Summon Elemental increased cooldown, decreased mana cost
Healing increased heal rate per second / tick
Mass Healing increased heal rate per second / tick
Grants lowered from level 75 to level 42
Explosive Amulet lowered from level 96 to level 48
Purification lowered from level 55 to level 53
Soul Fireball lowered from level 18 to 17
Mass Healing increased from level 33 to level 34
Trap Hexagon increased from level 28 to level 31
Blessed Armour increased from level 25 to level 28
Soul Shield increased from level 22 to level 24
Energy Repulsor lowever from level 60 to level 57
Poisoning increased max duration
Poisoning increased damage (green)
Toxic Gas lowered max duration
Toxic Gas lowered from level 70 to level 66
Toxic Gas now takes poison power rate from Poisoning skill
Zombie Charger increased damage
Zombie Charger now takes poison power rate from Poisoning skill
Thousand Sword added Slow chance to main target
Summon Angel lowered from level 80 to level 72
Blazing Amulet increased from level 85 to level 92
Devils Vision increased stun time
Hiding removed from drops
MassHiding renamed Shroud
Shroud will target the caster if not aimed
Shroud increased range
Guardian Angel does not engage in PvP (although they will attack pets)
Guardian Angel is no longer classified as “Undead”
Guardian Angel may Heal his master based on his Healing Skill and MP
Guardian Angel may Purify his master based on his Purification Skill and MP
Guardian Angel may Purify his master based on his Purification Skill and MP
Repent will perform a 50% reduction to players
Lower Fire Resist removed from drops
Lower Cold Resist renamed Lower Fire & Ice
Resist Cold renamed Salvation and increases all elemental defence
Redemption removed from drops
Meditation removed from drops
Protection Field lowered from level 60 to level 47
Protection Field increased AC gain
Entrapment lowered from level 85 to level 51
Storm Thrust increased damage to undead
Ethereal Blades updated AOE and range
Added an effect to Shoulder Dash
Lion Roar increased max paralysis to 5 seconds
Lion Roar is able to paralyse pets for the full duration
MagicShield, EnergyShield, DragonfireShield duration reduces by a number of seconds proportional to the power of any attack taken (1% of raw power before any deductions)
FireWall increased from level 24 to level 26
Lightning increased from level 26 to level 29
ThunderStorm increased from level 30 to level 32
MagicShield increased from level 31 to level 37
TurnUndead increased from level 32 to level 34
IceStorm increased from level 35 to level 40
Ice Blast lowered from level 55 to level 48
Ice Blast increased damage
Flame Disruptor lowered from level 70 to level 55
Flame Disruptor increased damage
Meteor Strike increased from level 65 to level 68
FlameField decreased from level 80 to level 60
Phoenix Dance removed from drops
ThunderStrike removed from drops
Frostbite updated cast effects
Armageddon removed from drops
Firestorm increased damage
Ignite increased damage to undead
Ignite is now activated for PvP
Ignite can be terminated by Repulse, Dash or Purification skills
Flame Disruptor updated GFX
Flame Disruptor increased damage
Thunder Nova added random stun explosions



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