Thanks to all you warriors for your patience in this time of turmoil. Arcadia will go offline for updates at 14:00 BST


In light of a mini warrior skill review, we have made the following changes:

Bloodlust is now draining HP to the player correctly
Frost Frenzy Damage increased by 10%
Increased the range of Luring Cry, reduced its cooldown
Increased the damage output of Halfmoon
Increased the damage output of Crosshalfmoon, added Dark damage
Lion Roar will paralyse monsters for up to 3 seconds (player level dependent)
Changed SamuraiTraining and Swordsmanship to both give Acc + 12, Agil + 14

Other updates:

Summon-type pet descriptions updated for pet summon level
Poison Recovery and Poison Resistance should now be fully integrated / functional (where appropriate)
Some items have slightly increased Poison Resistance / Recovery in line with above
Allied Guild members can now be inside castles to help capture them
Updated some “Quest Complete” messages / jingles

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