Arcadia will go offline for updates today. We have been focussing on clearing up some old bugs and imbalances while working on refreshing the skills and spells system.


Update log

Armour & Weapons have a class restriction (this helps improve drops – any issues please let us know)
Added golden wings for level-cap players
Added glow for Extermination Meter 110%+
Updated reflect damage GFX
Added “Rest” under mini-map to indicate a Resting Exp area
Added “(Resting)” to player hover names while Resting Exp is generating
You cannot open a stall next to an NPC
Added ‘zzz’ to usernames who are considered afk
Increased base AC/MAC on Guardian Mythic items
Younger Mythic items are now -10 levels
Added Survive Mythic for Boots & Bracelets
Reduced rate of gold dropping to floor but increased gold amount that drops
Updated ‘H’ Home portal with “Quick Hunt” teleports which advise 3 level-specific dungeons
Added some Notice Boards around towns to display Hunter’s Resource (to be updated!)
Updated ‘H’ Home Portal with link to Hunter’s Resource (to be updated!)
Added ‘K’ quick portal links for Contest Areas (@pvp)
Made a correction to level 1 players having 23 Agility instead of 8


Auction House

Fixed some issues with page numbers displaying incorrectly
Increased search limit to 50 pages
Added more search filters to a dropdown list (Skills, Orbs / Gems, Sockets, Potions, Arcamon)
Removed Essence and Design from Misc (these can easily be searched)


Skill Review

The long required and long anticipated skill review has begun.

Arcadia has an almost 20 year history of development and game refurbishment which has predominantly affected only dungeons and monsters. Because of this, some skills are no longer well positioned in the game environment and are poor performing or in some cases not at all useful.

This skill review will involve a process of checking for skill function, power and the overall class requirement. Since we have already delivered a package for Warriors skills, we do not anticipate big changes to the way their skills work, however there will be modifications which allow us to provide more balance, fun and enjoyment while preparing for future skills to be added.

Some skills may change more than once during this period as we take feedback from players.

Revelation – removed from drops
Teleport – removed from drops
TaoHalfMoon – removed from drops
Terror – removed from drops
New character Wizards start with skill Fireball
New character Taoists start with skill Healing
New character Warriors start with +1 Agil / Acc
Skill Fencing changed to level 8, increased Accuracy
Skill SpiritSword changed to level 8, reduced Accuracy, increased Agility
Skill Repulsion changed to level 8, reduced delay
Skill Slaying changed to level 14
Skill Thunderbolt changed to level 19
ElectricShock extends pet tame time faster
HolyFire, Shock and Freeze range reduced from 8 to 5 yards from player
When ElectricShock pets un-tame they will now die
Ultimate Enhancer renamed to Enhancer

Please note that the starter quests issued by Emily may now not be achievable due to missing skills. This will be addressed in future updates.

Some skills may show an unobtainable level 4. This is in anticipation for future updates.

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