Legend of Mir Arcadia is a free to play Dungeons and Dragons style MMORPG based in an ancient oriental world. Hundreds of players fighting side by side, exploring dangerous dungeons filled with hordes of monsters and demons. With fantastic cities for player Guilds to conquer, Mir Arcadia is completely free to play up to any level without limitation.

Getting started is easy so begin your installation and prepare to be entertained.


1. Great Community 

Arcadia has a friendly community that loves to welcome new and returning players. Drop a message on the forum and someone will offer help and advice. If you sign up to the forum you can also use the same account in game.

With welcoming and bustling towns, you’ll find plenty of players to hunt with if you choose.  Don’t expect everyone in the same place, there’s 18 different town safe zones, however many hang out in Arcadia, Bichon and Mongchon. There are regular Guild and Castle Wars with three taking place tonight!



2. Low barrier to entry

With regular events and updates, players in Arcadia find that it is not only easy; but actively exciting to start a fresh. Both new and returning players find that the benefits and perks mean that there is a low barrier to entry and they are soon members of the high level community.

At lower levels you require less exp, get more loot and benefit from newer regions and content. With renewed dedication and years of released content ahead of you, you could show the old players how it’s done. If you play smart, you can easily be a major player of a big Guild within a matter of weeks. How will you play smart?

Tip: Get 3x exp under level 100!

Type @under100freeXP in the chat bar in-game to redeem



3. Feature Rich

Arcadia is a feature rich game. And that is special thanks to the community for being extremely creative and understanding with suggestions.

Crafting and Loot: Not only do many items drop with added stats, you can enhance items further. Read more..

Advanced Guilds: Level up your Guild and earn currency to purchase powerful Shields.

Alchemy: Collect ingredients and add them to potions enhancing them into powerful concoctions. Read more..

Arcamon: Capture and train a pet to fight along side you. Read more..

Yin or Yang: Play nice. Being a good player will increase your Karma, which affects many aspects of game-play.

Been away for a while? Even after a few hours of rested game-play you will earn “Resting Experience“. You can unlock this experience through leveling as you normally would.

Stable open economy: Nothing is locked behind a pay-wall, everything is open to all players. Buy it from the shop or earn Game Gold by playing the game.

Challenging AI: Rather than simply brute force, monsters and bosses require thought and planning



4. Play how you like

With a world of persistent dungeons for all levels of players: the opportunities are endless. All players play in the same world but most importantly you can play they way you like. Be that player vs player, player vs enemy, solo, co-op or part of a strong Guild.

There are safe hunting spaces for players who wish to avoid the fierce Guild rivalry.

Enjoy leveling again: Arcadia isn’t simply about being the best and the highest, and you can have tons of fun earning tons of cool loot on your way up the ranks.


5. Your three favourite classes

Simple to manage character progression for your three favourite classes; The Three Heroes: Warrior, Wizard and Taoist. Level up, collect loot, learn skills. With regular updates, new skills and equipment are released regularly.


Get a “Second Character Perk” on all your secondary characters who are below the level of your strongest. This perk automatically grants +70% free experience to help you enjoy each class without repeating too much of the same content.


6. Proactive Development

With such a great community there’s plenty of discussion on the forum and player feedback which helps make Arcadia the place to be.

Regular updates and events. Each year we will have four major events in each season. We have just ended the Halloween event and coming soon is the Christmas event which is one of our most popular and sees the release of exclusive Arcamon.



There’s regular updates planned for 2020. Each season there will be a dungeon release and a level cap increase at each stage (pending actual player progression). But first we look forward to the Thunder Throne, a Temple of Ancients update that will see a 20 floor revamp of a beautiful palace housing one of our favourite bosses; Loki.



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