Arcadia is pleased to announce the release of West Bichon and the Dreaded Abyss.

Explore the dangerous wilderness far west of Bichon Province and discover scorched lands and consumed mines.


New Content and Cap

NEW: level cap of 195
NEW: Heroes League entry of 190
NEW: Province area for levels 180+
NEW: Dungeon the Dreaded Abyss
NEW: Dungeon West Bichon Mines
 NEW: Interesting hunting areas
NEW: Challenging new monsters
 NEW: Bosses and sub-bosses
NEW: Set item kits for level 186
NEW: “Unique” items – (these new ones will not “bind to account”!)
NEW: HP / MP potions (distant location..)
NEW: “Poison Amulets” (distant location..)


Also in the update

Fixed an issue with Evolution stones not working on renamed Arcamon – Evo stones will now highlight all Arcamon but only work when successful
The profanity filter has been excluded from Group and Guild (not ally) chat. It is expected that leaders will manager their own members
The profanity filter should no longer prevent a private message being delivered
Added @sort for group leaders to produce a random list of members
Reduced repetition time on Multi Strike
Added 1200 HP (level 3) to Awakened skill
Added MDR to Diamond Skin
Rebalanced Taoist pet Acc / Agil / AC / MAC

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