We are pleased to announce the release of new content on Project69. Challenge a new level cap and enjoy various content updates along with the release of Prajna Stone Cave.


NEW! Prajna Stone Cave

An old favourite dungeon has been re-released for level 175+ with new monsters and bosses.

Increased level cap to 190
✓ Heroes League set to level 180
New Experience tables
New Monsters
New Bosses and sub-bosses
New level 175+ item sets (including Armour and Weapons)


NEW! Mythic Crafting

As featured on Mir Arcadia – Mythic Crafting allows you to build your own Mythic items.

Collect Mythic Essence from salvaging Mythic items and Sources. Use that Essence in order to forge Mythic Sockets into items.

Once a socket is forged you may insert a Mythic Source, creating powerful items.



Added Mythic Crafting in Mud Wall Blacksmiths
Added Source Salvaging in Mud Wall Blacksmiths
Added Mythic Sources to drops
Added Extraction Tool to GameShop


Also in the update

Updated Naga Ruins
Updated Desert Tunnel
Updated GameShop (new prices, new items)
Released EvilSnake pet Arcamon
Fixed Diablo, Baal and Yimoogi event spawns
Fixed The Horadric Staff Quest