With thanks to members of the community and their valuable input we have spent some time considering a new direction for Mythic items and the previously announced Ancient items.

The old vision for Ancient items has been scrapped and to some extent implemented into Mythic items as Mythic Crafting.


Craft a Mythic Item

New specialised merchants will help you craft Mythic items with an empty Mythic Socket into your favourite items. The cost for this will be in both Gold and Mythic Essence.

The steps can be simplified as

  1. Collect Mythic Essence
  2. Forge a socket with Mythic Essence
  3. Find a Mythic Source
  4. Insert the Source into the socket


Collect Mythic Sources

At the centre of a powerful Mythic item is it’s Source. A Mythic Source is a great singularity of unique power.

Collect Mythic Sources from bosses, challenge rooms and events in game. But first, make sure the source you want compliments the item you want to upgrade..


Extract a Source

Use a Mythic Source Extraction Tool to remove a rare Mythic Source from a Mythic item. Extraction will seal the socket on the item and recover a re-useable Mythic Source. The Extraction Tool can be found in the GameShop.


Create a Mythic Socket

Specialised craft-smiths such as Wen in Mud Wall Blacksmiths are able to forge Mythic Sockets into items using Mythic Essence.

Their skilled services demand a very high Gold cost. The amount of required Mythic Essence increases for more powerful items and is particularly high for Armours and Weapons.

These smiths’ skills are not yet refined enough to create sockets in Unique or Rare items.


Earn Mythic Essence

In order to craft a Mythic Socket, you must first collect some Mythic Essence. There are two main sources of Mythic Essence.


Salvage a Mythic Source

Visit Song in Mud Wall Blacksmiths who can salvage any Mythic Sources into Mythic Essence.

This is a great way to quickly earn some Essence if you have spare Sources. And it’s relatively cheap!


Salvage Mythic Items

As usual, you may find Mythic items through normal gameplay.

Mythic items drop most regularly from rare and unusual bosses, and sometimes from Super and Champion monsters throughout Arcadia.

Use your favourite Salvage NPC, crush an item down to Essence or Design and also earn some Mythic Essence.


Insert Source into Socket

Place a Mythic Source into an empty Mythic Socket and create a powerful piece of equipment.

Once the Mythic Source has been inserted into the Mythic Socket it can only be removed with an Extraction Tool.



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