All services will go offline today at 2pm for updates and maintenance.

✓ Increased threshold for item prefixes (harder to get Artefact, affects levels)
✓ Modified item upgrading to reduce chance of no added stats
✓ Modified crafting item Slag and Fade *display values*
✓ Updated a few of the Buff icon graphics
✓ Items in the Auction House will now PURGE after 90 days, you can collect sales from items you added up to 180 days ago
✓ Floor item glow for unidentified items on the floor
✓ Soft cap perks now increment by 20%
✓ Merchant sale, repair, salvage notices sent to chat bar
✓ Fixed hidden account storage items due to them disintegrating
✓ Fixed an issue causing shop items to corrupt (Amulets etc)