It has been a long while since Project69 has received a content update, however we are now pleased to announce the release of Desert Tunnel with level 166 – 170 monsters and items.

Soft level Cap 175
Level Cap 180

✓ New content up to level 175
✓ New stronger monsters in Desert City
✓ New Naga Brute sub bosses
✓ New Naga Champion boss
✓ New Naga Elite sub bosses
✓ New Naga Brute in Desert Valley
✓ New Naga Lord
✓ New item sets
✓ Added Heroes League / town NPCs
✓ Updated Arcamon food level limits
✓ Added HolyCrystal kit
✓ Lowered level requirement for Crystal items
✓ Adjusted some stats on high level kits
✓ Updates to GameShop prices
✓ Heroic Potion lowered to +20%
✓ Increased regen on Marutah and Rati
✓ Removed some unpurchased items from GameShop
✓ Added Finding Elixir to GameShop