We are pleased to announce a level cap increase and new content on Arcadia.


Centipedes and Hobgoblins

Two new dungeons have been released; an old classic: Bug Cave has been revitalised and; a brand new update: Catacombs of Misery.

Included in the update are new item sets, a new super rare Elysian Set – level 180 has been added to drop tables in regions such as: Orcs City, Forgotten Realms, Shadow Zuma Temple, Red Dragon Dungeon, Blue Dragon Palace plus the new Catacombs of Misery and Bug Cave.


NEW: level cap of 188
NEW: Heroes League entry of 183
 NEW: Dungeon Bug Cave re-release for level 174+
NEW: Dungeon Catacombs for level 177+
 NEW: Over 22 new hunting maps
 NEW: challenging new monsters
 NEW: bosses and sub-bosses
NEW: Unique items of the Centipede
NEW: Set item kits for level 183
NEW: Super Rate item sets for level 180



Catacombs of Misery

A Hobgoblin tribe has marched on Phoenix Castle – but it’s not the castle they are interested in, they have hacked open the cliffs and uncovered an ancient tomb. The entrance to the cave is guarded by Hobgoblin Archers and their wolves with many more lurking inside.

What kind of magic must they be seeking in there? Enter the Catacombs of Misery and travel beyond the demonic portals to reach the depths of the Abyss.


Bug Cave

An old favourite cave to the North of Mongchon; Bug Cave has been re-released as a high level dungeon. While mostly holding true to it’s original design the spawns have been dramatically increased and a few extra quirks added.

Players will find this a chill space to be without much hassle from ranged or irritating monsters.. although we cannot promise the same from other players!


Also in the update

  • Red Dragon Dungeon challenge time limit reduced to 3 hours
  • Some adjustments to monster levels and difficulty in Zuma Temple
  • Increased spawns in Zuma Temple 7th and increased monster difficulty
  • Account Bound items last 2x longer on floor
  • Account bound items no longer auto-equip
  • Soft cap perks reduced to 10% per level (from 20%)
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