Utilise your Resting Bonus with up to 800% Experience! Your Resting Bonus has been quietly increasing while you were offline. you get a juice boost of experience to earn at your leisure.

For the event period, June 22nd 18:00 BST to June 25th midnight BST, there will be a server-wide 1.6X experience multiplier. This multiplies with your personal experience boost. Let me explain..


Get the Breakdown..!

Base Rate! Add 160% (Old 100%)

Resting Bonus at level 50-148 = Add 320% (Old 200%)
Resting Bonus at level 149-158 = Add 240% (Old 150%)
Resting Bonus at level 159-169 = Add 160% (Old 100%)

Are you Subscribed? Add 48% (Old 30%)
Bought a Training Potion? Add 80% (Old 50%)
Bought a Training Elixir? Add 160% (Old 100%)

Got a Second Character Perk? Add 112% (Old 70%)