It is update time again on Arcadia and we are pleased to be announcing a smaller event to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival on February 12th.

Update log:

Special Repair of Belt and Boots added to Tailors
Salvage of Belt and Boots added to Heroes League Tailor
Added a safe area and storage NPC to Tavern
Added a separate NPC to sell Arcamon to in Woomyon Wall
Fixed Gi-Ryoong portal to 2nd floor
You will now receive 1 extra PK point for each level you are above your victim
(Trial) Torch / Mag time will not decrease in “Safe Zone” – Town Teleport areas
Added “Safe MAP” description under minimap to distinguish from “Safe Zone” (Town Teleport)
Added extra Gold drops from monsters which go to the floor..
Added Gemstone salvage in Sabuk Wall palace
Updated the Tavern in Serpent Valley (restricted for level 120 and below)
Both Taverns now offer double Resting Experience inside
Contest room list on @pvp have been updated
Misc updates to other merchants and effects
Updated the Teleport Home – ‘H’ key summon portal


Spring Festival

With the Lunar New Year approaching, and many of us still in some kind of lockdown, we wanted to inject a little excitement into your lives and celebrate the Spring Festival on Arcadia.

There will be some extra monster spawns in some dungeons and private hunting areas similar to the Grottos available at Christmas. Details to follow

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