We are pleased to have finally been able to update and improve some group and Guild features on Arcadia!

It has been two years since the implementation of Epic Guild Hunts and since we last updated the Weekly Challenges.


Weekly Challenges

Baal, Diablo, Sunken Ship and Yimoogi Challenges now have updated monsters stats, drops and entry requirements.


Epic Guild Hunts

Each Epic Guild Hunt has been updated with new monster stats and drops plus some changes to their dynamics:
Reduction in sub-boss spawns
An increase in monster spawns by.. double!
An increase in monster drops, including possible runes and upgrade mats
Players will no longer be able to teleport on these maps
Increase in hunt time to 90 minutes
Level 20 guilds can only enter 1 hunt per week – unlock 2 at level 30


Furthermore, there has been a lot of discussion recently on the forum regarding wizard pets. Changes here were made before that discussion so we may have not have yet fully considered those opinions.

There has been a slight change to tameable pets including enabling Ogre Fighter / Ogre Warriors to be tamed.

This is not intended to be a solution to the overall situation!


Finally we have fixed a potential Tao Assist mode issue.


Happy Hunting

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