Arcadia has been rebooted to implement some updates.

✓ Allowed GameShop items to be dropped on the floor and not break
✓ Updated the game notifications (top left) colour / fade
✓ Fixed Skinny / Scrawny Orc runaway from terror / lion roar
✓ Had a look at Arcamon and attack speeds for special attack, made some reductions
✓ Made some adjustments to Arcamon which have a distance attack (see below)
✓ Added some defensive elements to Arcamon (probably won’t be noticed too much!)
✓ Increased potion (HP/MP) heal rate – experimental!
✓ Fixed an issue with Yimoogi Challenge where its pets spawn far away
✓ Added the first lunar event to start tonight at 7pm

n.b. Arcamon no longer charge into battle but will use magic attacks from a distance. Once an enemy is close by then they will approach and use their melee attacks also.
GreatFireSerpent, FireSerpent, RedThunderZuma, DarkThunderZuma, FrostTiger, AzureTiger, SaleemSpider, RufilataSpider


Lunar Events

Four times a month there will be a lunar event. The first lunar event will start today at 7pm BST. A separate post will be made regarding the events.

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