Merry Christmas to all you heroes! 

We at Arcadia are pleased to announce Snowbrook Christmas 2023.

Look out for Old Saint Nick appearing in Snowbrook (220:130) ready to teleport you to the one and only Snowbrook Grotto  Seven vast dungeons of ice and snow, where goblins and minions will send chills through your body. Look out for the super-boss Grotto Troll and his lieutenant Grotto Guardian, amongst hordes of thrilling, chilling, sub-zero-killing monsters with fingers full of jewellery.


 Snowbrook Grotto – Cavern 1 [Easy] – (Levels 100 and below)
 Snowbrook Grotto – Cavern 2 [Hard] – (Levels 120 and below)
 Snowbrook Grotto – Palace 1 [Difficult] – (Levels 140 and below)
 Snowbrook Grotto – Cavern 1 [Nightmare] – (Level 160 and below)
 Snowbrook Grotto – Cavern 1 [Insane] – (Level 160 to 180)
 Snowbrook Grotto – Cavern 1 [Legendary] – (Level 180 to 194)
 Snowbrook Grotto – Cavern 1 [HEROIC] – (Level 195+)


And ho ho ho .. Watch out for Sneaky Santas escaping the scene with stolen presents!


Event Highlights

 Snowbrook Grotto – 5 instanced dungeons with 6 large maps spread over different level brackets
 New higher level monsters for 2023 with the latest gear
More Sneaky Santas to collect materials to craft presents
 Three Christmas-time exclusive Arcamon to collect – WolfFrost Tiger and Troll!
Extra rune drops and upgrades
An event exclusive kit

 Christmas exclusive mini-quests to guide you through the event
✓ Xmas trinkets and potions
✓ Upgrade your gems *almost* risk free with Careful Kevin
✓ NEW! Daily Guild Hunts
for a peaceful experience (Guild level 30+)


Santa’s Private Grotto 

Find or re-craft Santa’s stolen presents for a trip to his Grotto, a private mini-dungeon and a chance to collect more XP, runes and rares! Christmas Trees and Sneaky Santas drop presents and materials to help fill Santa’s Sack.

New larger Grotto maps with more monster spawns will keep you busy into the early hours.

Get rare loot including Skills, Arcamon, Mounts, and select Game Shop items such as Recall Sets, Drake Necklaces etc.


Event Exclusive Guild Hunts 

Level 30+ Guilds can activate a daily exclusive event hunt. Join your Guild on a quest to a private cavern filled with event monsters and bosses. You have only 1 hour to take on the challenge!


Guild Leader can activate the hunt using 20 million Gold in Guild funds. Each player pay transfer 30 Demon Souls to enter.


Christmas Event Schedule

Christmas Warm Up (from 16th December)
1.3x XP and 2x Gold Find

A Snowbrook Christmas (from 22nd December)
The main event! Xmas spawns, dungeons and grottos

New Year Cooldown (from 1st January)
2x Supers, 2x Mythics and 25% more spawns

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