There will be a reboot on Arcadia today to get everything ready for the May Bank Holiday Events and Town Sieges, and to apply some balance changes.

Player-sold items should now be more easily recoverable from merchants 
Increased the amount of Karma which players lose when turning brown (it is still only a fraction and should be barely noticeable for accidents!)
Increased the amount of Aura Guilds lose declaring Guild War on other Guilds
Guilds now require a positive Aura to start Guild Wars
Epic Guild Huntsincreased mob spawns based on Guild level
Epic Guild Huntsincreased chances to open one of the higher level dungeons (Soul Spirit Temple, Ancient Temple)
Added a MISS graphic to damage counters when an attack misses based on Accuracy & Agility calculations – let us know if this is annoying!
✓ Increased item pick up range – you can now pick up items within a 1 yard radius around your player, or items underneath another player next to you

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