Arcadia is proud to present, Skull Island!  A “New Character” event, available only to “NEW characters“!

The event will run from 14th October to event until 7th November. New entry ends 6th November.


Play a unique starter experience with up to 5x XP and 3x drops. Enjoy new quests and new challenges.

Event Rules

  • Skull Island can only be accessed when a NEW character first logs in
  • Once you leave Skull Island or Heroes Homestead you can never return
  • Quests on Skull Island will reward account-bound benefits such as subscriptions
  • So that all accounts may benefit, we have temporarily removed the time restriction on character deletions/storage
  • You can enter Skull Island on all new characters, however some Quest rewards can only be collected once per account
  • There is no access to storage / item deposit


Not just new players

The event is not just for new players, but for new charactersCreate a new character on your account and enter the event.

For the event period only, the 14 day restore of stored characters will be paused so you can immediately store / restore your characters. After the event, it will return to a 14 day cooldown before characters can be restored.

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