We recently announced this year’s Christmas event dates and now we have more details to share! Each year we enhance the best parts of the previous event, and this year is no different. We have revised the level brackets for the event maps and added new layers of fun.

Make sure you log in for the warm up event starting December 14th. A week long of buffs for the whole server to enjoy. Double drops, 100% extra magic find, 1.5x exp and TRIPLE supers and champion spawns.

The main events, Snowbrook Grotto and Siege on Snowbrook start December 22nd..

Snowbrook Grotto

Players will see Old Saint Nick appearing in Snowbrook (220:130) ready to teleport you to the one and only Snowbrook Grotto – A twelve map dungeon of ice and snow, where goblins and minions will send chills throughout your body. Look out for the super-boss Grotto Troll and his lieutenant Grotto Guardian, amongst hordes of thrilling, chilling, sub-zero-killing monsters with fingers full of jewellery.

✓ Snowbrook Grotto Easy – (Levels 100 and below)
✓ Snowbrook Grotto Hard – (Levels 120 and below)
✓ Snowbrook Grotto Difficult – (Levels 140 and below)
✓ Snowbrook Grotto Nightmare – (Levels 160 and below)
✓ Snowbrook Grotto Insane – (All players)

n.b Lower levels can go into higher level dungeons however you should be aware that player killing is allowed. Each map is a no-player drop map to protect your precious items during the event.

And ho ho ho .. Watch out for Sneaky Santas or Rune Goblins escaping the scene with Jewels, Gems and Loot!

It’s Insane!

Insane difficulty allows level 140-160 players to have their own dungeon while providing more excitement and challenge for those of you over level 160.

✓ Our favourite festive event with new higher level monsters and fairer level brackets
✓ Hundreds of Rune Goblins and Sneaky Santas to collect upgrades
✓ Three Christmas-time exclusive Arcamon to collect – Wolf, Frost Tiger and Troll
✓ Snowbrook Grotto – 5 instanced dungeons
✓ An Xmas exclusive level 165 item set; jewellery, armour, weapons
✓ A full set of Ultra Orbs – adding DC, MC, SC and others!
✓ Christmas exclusive mini-quests to guide you through the event
Player buffs and Christmas exclusive items
✓ Added spawns in Blue Dragon Palace


Siege on Snowbrook

The siege on Snowbrook will be a new trial feature this year. Every day at a randomly determined time, there will be a huge respawn event. Thousands of monsters, including bosses will spawn throughout the province. Players will receive only a one hour warning of the impending invasion so there will be time to prepare.

There is a time limit of 4 hours to complete the siege. If successful, in the final respawn there will be a super-boss which is guaranteed to drop a Crystal, HolyCrystal or Celestial item. The portal to Snowbrook Grotto will lock while under siege.

Daily Sieges around Snowbrook province
Vast respawns of over 18 thousand monsters
✓ Mixed in will be 50+ sub and boss spawns
✓ Siege will only be announced in game with 1 hours notice
✓ The Snowbrook Grotto teleport will lock during the Siege
✓ Siege ends with a super-boss, guaranteed a super-rare


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