The Easter holidays are upon us and the hot fires of Arcadia are warming up. Come and join us for a week of XP boosts and Gold Find x3 before the release of the heated favourite;

River of Flames 2024!

Don’t Miss! Event buffs start today at 2pm GMT


River of Flames

Hold on tight as you navigate through the treacherous River of Flames and Lava Temple, where hordes of blood-thirsty hell-demons await you at every turn. Your journey won’t be complete until you’ve challenged the infamous poisonous serpent Glaurung and battled it out with Baalram the Destroyer, who will stop at nothing to extinguish your flame of hope.

This is not for the faint of heart! But if you’re up for the challenge and ready to embark on an epic quest, join us on Arcadia and be part of the River of Flames adventure. Are you ready to face the heat and emerge victorious?

River of Flames 2024 will fire up on Friday 29th March 2PM GMT


Enjoy regions for SEVEN different level groups:

Easy – Levels 0 – 100
Hard – Levels 0 – 120
Difficult – Levels 0 – 140
Nightmare – Levels 140 – 160
Insane – Levels 160 – 180
Legendary – Levels 180 – 194

HEROIC – Levels 195+


Private Caverns

Hunt in privacy away from those pesky pkers and reap additional loot in the Scorching Caverns.

Find an elusive Lava Larva in the River of Flames and collect their precious Fire Stone – the key to gaining entrance to the Scorching Caverns, where danger and untold treasures await.

But beware, you’ll have to battle your way through up to 300 demons who will stop at nothing to protect their lair. Enjoy high super rates, mythic drops, extra XP, rune drops and equipment.


Upgrade FireStone(S) and FireStone(M) using your inventory upgrade.


Dragon Eggs 

There are eight races of dragon, lurking in the fiery depths, and will be available as pets! Dragons will drop eggs which you can hatch into your own pet dragon.

Will you be lucky enough to find and hatch a Dragon Egg?

Where can I find the eggs?

Want to know where to hunt for eggs? Dragons will spawn throughout River of Flames and Lava Temple. Each one will drop a rare dragon egg.

Stone Eggs are the most common and can be found from Herensuge.
Cerulean Egg, of blue colouration, are found from Azuria.
Shamrock Eggs, almost invisible left in the leaf litter, can be found from Longwei.
Marbled Egg, not to be confused as toys, can be found from Tyrath.
Glass Eggs are an incredible sight, extremely fragile, but so beautiful. Found from Dateng.
Garnet Egg, of Red colouration, can be found from Shuxin.
Shadow Eggs, named for their dull tones, may be found from Draco.
Fiery Egg, the rarest of them all, can be found from Drake.


How do I hatch an egg?

With Growth Fungus and Incubation Oil of course! Look after your egg wisely, you do not want to anger the dragon inside..

Hunt for Growth Fungus and Incubation Oil in the River of Flames, then place these onto your egg. Different eggs need different amounts to hatch.



Unfortunately all event items will expire after the event is over. Most dragon Arcamon will survive a little longer before being removed. You will see an expiry (disintegration) notice on the items in-game.

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