There will be a very short reboot this morning in order implement some adjustments. More drops, fewer gems but primarily this will implement major changes to how red (unidentified) items drop.


Please bear with us while we balance these new drop schemes. The system is rather difficult to comprehend since it relies on a series of random events. Particularly the RNG of the drop, the RNG of the quality, the player’s particular Magic Find, and the RNG of the final reveal from the scroll.

It is our ambition to increase the overall quality of these reveals so that you may find more Superior, Legendary and Artefact items naturally from drops, with a particular emphasis on higher quality from Super and Champion monsters and bosses.

We have done bags and bags of drop testing on the old and new system and believe that we have found a nice balance however we will continue to review drops and player feedback over the coming weeks.


Patch notes:

✓ Important changed to red unidentified item drops
✓ Small fix to a Smart Drops issue (too many gems and not enough items!)
✓ Updated auxiliary buff notice board with upcoming for Halloween
✓ Players earn 1 fewer GamePoints when they have more than 1000
✓ Players earn 2 fewer GamePoints when they have more than 3000