Arcadia is proud to present, Return to Skull Island!  A “New Character” event, available only to “NEW characters“!

The event will run from 16th December 2022 until 9th January 2023. New entry ends 8th January.


Play a unique starter experience with up to 5x XP and 5x drops. Enjoy new quests and new challenges.


Event Rules

  • Skull Island can only be accessed when a NEW character first logs in
  • Once you leave Skull Island or Heroes Homestead you can never return
  • Quests on Skull Island will reward account-bound benefits such as subscriptions
  • So that all accounts may benefit, we have temporarily removed the time restriction on character deletions/storage
  • You can enter Skull Island on all new characters, however some Quest rewards can only be collected once per account

New for Return to Skull Island:

  • There will be access to storage / item deposit but only for the active player. There is no account wide item deposit access
  • Auction house has been disabled
  • At level 150 all the portals will be disabled
  • All account based rewards have been reset since the previous event so are again available to all accounts


Not just new players

The event is not just for new players, but for new characters Create a new character on your account and enter the event.

For the event period only, the 14 day restore of stored characters will be paused so you can immediately store / restore your characters. After the event, it will return to a 14 day cooldown before characters can be restored.

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