Arcadia will be rebooted today for software updates and maintenance. A number of bugs have been fixed and Mythic Socketing is now fully available on Rare and Unique items.


✓ Unlocked Mythic Socketing on Unique Items
✓ Unlocked Mythic Socketing on Rare Items
✓ Removed “Rare” status from NPC quest upgraded armour and weapons
Fixed a bug causing a small number of salvaged items to not give Essence / Designs
Delayed all weekly event monster cleanup scripts to run at midnight after the event(s)
Prevented NPC cleanup scripts from killing pets
Fixed *one* possible issue with tamed pets not respawning on log in
Fixed issue with Mirroring clone not matching the caster’s helmet
Increased (slightly) drop rate of OrcFleshstone from Skinny / Scrawny Orc
Fixed Hobgoblin Archer’s distance attack
Added a (more expensive) Gemstone Salvage merchant in Mud Wall


New Hunting Grounds Coming Soon

The Battle Planes of Acheron will be released later this week. Fight Maglubiyet, the war god of the goblins and hobgoblins in this high level hunting grounds.

Entry requires level 185, a Demon Orb and 30 Demon Souls

More information will be released soon. Some quest items from this update may already be available in game


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