Arcadia will go offline for updates today at 14:00 BST. This update contains a lot of behind the scene changes to systems (for all levels), particularly drop management, which we hope to make hunting more rewarding and of course, more fun!


What’s changed?

KillChains have been redesigned into an – Extermination Meter
✓ Added a resting experience notification / effect
✓ The leader of a Group will be automatically reassigned to another member when he leaves
✓ The @roll message reply has been rearranged with username at the end to prevent confusion
✓ Improvements to the Smart Drop system (weapon, armours, items, skill books) and increased rates
✓ The cost of entering GamePoint caves has been increased (see below)
✓ Updates and improvements to Orc City (see below)
✓ Added Hunt Bundles to GameShop
✓ Added item drops to Halls of Agony
✓ Adjusted (rebalanced) some GamePoint rewards from monsters



New GamePoint Dungeon Costs

  • Mutant Mines, 10 GP
  • Sunken Temple, 13 GP
  • Old Tomb, 16 GP
  • Naga Ruins, 19 GP
  • Halls of Agony, 22 GP
  • Paradise, 25 GP
  • Desert City, 28 GP
  • Forgotten Realm, 30 GP (upcoming)


Orc City

✓ Reduced the power of Eye Of Gruumsh’s Joust attack
✓ Increased (around double) spawns of super / champions
✓ Increased some monster / boss drop rates
✓ Slightly increased spawns throughout caves
✓ Renamed BlueHornWand to OrcHornWand
✓ Renamed BlueFangBlade to GorgonTuskBlade


Forgotten Realms

The Kingdom of Obould and the Many-Arrows Tribe opens 11th October 2pm BST. This is the latest top end “GamePoint” dungeon which features some new monsters. More information will be posted in the coming days.


More Upcoming

Some more upcoming update to look out for!

Halloween event on 24th October
✓ Changes to increase the quality of Unidentified items that drop
✓ Increased Gold drops from monsters
✓ Reduction in alchemy & potion item drops from super / champions
✓ Preventing use of Trust Merchant / Auction house in dungeons

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