Arcadia is pleased to release an update to improve the game experience for all players new and old.

The focus of this update is to improve the game structure and prepare groundwork for the forthcoming content release. Some upcoming features will be active in the background while we test their stability.

Experience curves (tables) have been reconsidered, as have drop rates; to reduce barrier to entry for new and returning players. This has been done with care to not cause disruption to the higher levels of active players who have worked extremely hard to get to where they are.



Skill Book Crafting

Players can now craft Skillbooks. Loose “pages” drop alongside their respective Skillbooks and a local librarian will assist you with binding them to a Casewrap which can be bought from various merchants such as in Bichon Wall.

Take a Casewrap and six pages to a librarian to bind them.

Skillbook pages also benefit from the same 5x drop rate bonus applied to players who require a particular skill.


Perfect Gems

A new higher tier of gems has been added to drops. The benefit of these is much similar to that of “Ultra” Orbs however these are now a permanent feature in game.

The disintegration duration of gems and orbs has been doubled to give you more time to sell or use them. There is also a minimum use level attached to all gems and orbs so that items must be a certain level to accept upgrade.

The success rate of gems and orbs has been increased, particularly as the item approaches higher stats.

Kevin in Mongchon is now able to polish Perfect Gems into Perfect Orbs.


Patch notes

XP Table completely rebuilt between level 30 and 180
Removed @UnderFreeXP codes (this is now factored into above)
Revised all mob drops between level 30 and 170
Skillbooks can now be crafted in various towns via Librarians
Skillbook “pages” drop alongside Skillbooks – they cannot be sold but can be traded/dropped
Added item level requirements to rune/sockets (different tiers require higher level items)
Added item level requirements to gems/orbs (different tiers require higher level items)
Added “Perfect” Gems and Orbs
Increased success rate of Orbs when reaching upper upgrade limit
Extended expiry time on Orbs / Gems
Added Perfect Gem to Orb upgrade to Kevin in Mud Wall
Only 70% of Super/Champion boss spawns will now be announced to the server



The Elysian City will follow.

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