Arcadia is pleased to announce the release of Marbled Stone Tomb and the Lost Crypts.

Opens 23rd September 6 PM BST

Marbled Stone Tomb

The best of an old favourite. Enjoy a classic adventure with a reimagined design. Delve deep into Stone Tomb to discover over a dozen new maps, monsters and items.

 NEW: Dungeons
 NEW: Bosses and sub-bosses
NEW: Set item kits for level 190
 NEW: Weapons for level 192 (and upgrade option)
NEW: Achievements
NEW: Option for Garret Bounty (level 190 +)



To Hell with you!

The Hell Realm has been updated. Red pkers beware; your “home” map is Hell and it is now harder to escape!

There has been an update to the layout of the realm with new monsters and merchants.

Beware the Balrog that lurks there!


Also in the update

Reduced spawns in Blue Dragon Palace
Updated upcoming event dates

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