Summer is just around the corner – and with an extended bank holiday weekend coming up, we thought it would be a great time to release some new content.


Ruins of the Consumed Souls

The next level of Hunting Ground has been located deep in the jungle of West Bichon; the Ruins of the Consumed Souls.

Entry requires level 190, a Demon Orb and 30 Demon Souls.


Epic Guild Hunts

All Guilds level 20 and above can open up to two portals a week to a specially designed dungeon. During the initial testing phase there will be three potential dungeons available; Legendary Oma Cave; Completely Dead Mine and; Burning Wooma Temple (Level 30+ Guilds).

These dungeons contain very high level monsters and are designed to be responsive to Guild size and activity. Expect all members to attend a raid!


Kill Quotas

Looking for an upgrade? Garret in Mud Wall needs some help and is willing to pay in cold hard crafting materials.

Bounties start at level 150 and refresh 1 hour of continuous active game time after completion of previous mission or log in.


Other Updates

Guilds must now be level 15 and above to form alliances
Guilds must be level 20 and above to request a Castle conquest war
Recalibrated set item stats for level 170 + by adding more DC/MC/SC/AC/MAC where appropriate
Updated monster levels, HP & drops in weekly challenges Sunken Ship, Baal, Diablo and Yimoogi Challenge
Refreshed the Achievements landing page
Added crafting materials and upgrade pathways for the West Bichon armours

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