King Obould of the Many-Arrows Tribe has the strength of a bull and the speed of a wildcat. He is the War Chief of the Forgotten Realms and known by his followers as “Obould-Who-Is-Gruumsh”

Intelligent, even by human standards, Obould commands thousands of orc and has carved out a kingdom in the Forgotten Realm, a mountain range overlooking human strongholds, a place beyond Ayarin.




The Forgotten Realm

Open the magical seal and explore Dark Arrow Forest, a small garrison of Orc and Ogres. Enjoy rich spawns with challenging new monsters aimed at level 170+ with more xp, more supers, more champions and more loot.

Don’t get charged by a Gorgon or stuck by a Blood Sap; look out for the Watchspider and lure King Obould to his hilltop and fight to the death..

What’s included?

 The portal to the Forgotten Realm
 NEW unseen minions
 NEW fun monster AI
 NEW boss, King Obould
 NEW mon, Gorgon
 NEW mon, Ogres
 NEW weapon upgrade quest



The portal to the Forgotten Realm will activate Sunday 11th October 2pm BST in Ayarin Province

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