Monsters, stalking through the night, Halloween is the Night of Fright.
Fear is what this night brings. Along with many other things…


Join us on Arcadia, Thursday 26th October at 14:00 BST for a Halloween adventure

This year, bought back from the dead, join us on Arcadia to enjoy an old variant of the Halloween event – Haunted Woods.

The Haunted Woods contains two dungeons; the Howling Hollow and the Restless Ruins.

Choose between fairly divided instances for different level brackets:

Easy – Levels 0 – 100
Hard – Levels 0 – 120
Difficult – Levels 0 – 140
Nightmare – Levels 0 – 160
Insane – Levels 160 – 180
Legendary – Levels 180 – 189

Apocalyptic – Levels 190+


Event Highlights

✓ Haunted Woods – 10 maps per instance
Catacombs Of Death – private hunting areas
✓ Simple questline for a free subscription
✓ Mini quests for buffs
✓ A selection of bosses and sub-bosses
✓ Hordes of ghoulish and ghostly monsters
✓ Frequent Super and Champion spawns
✓ Hunt Pumpkin for event goodies 
✓ Collect Marbles and craft Ultra Orbs for upgrades
 Craft powerful elixirs
✓ Carve grotesque pumpkin headpieces
✓ Find and train Halloween Arcamon


Private Caverns

Want some privacy? Search for Mad Pumpkin and collect their precious Soul Shards, the key to unlocking the entrance to the Catacombs Of Death, where danger and untold treasures await.

But beware, you’ll have to battle your way through ghosts and skeletons which have been trapped there for an eternity! Enjoy extra super and champion spawns, mythics, XP, rune drops and equipment.

Upgrade SoulShard(S) and SoulShard(M) using your inventory upgrade.



Unfortunately all event items will expire after the event is over. Most Arcamon will survive a little longer before being removed. You will see an expiry (disintegration) notice on the items in-game.

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