Arcadia will be rebooted today for Halloween preparation and some updates.

✓ Fixed issue with a player knockback
✓ Renamed GamePoints to – Demon Souls (permanent change)
✓ Updated the DemonSouls collect effect / sound effect
✓ Added DemonSouls release / spend effect
✓ Updated Guild Build Point sound effects
Steroids now replenishes Arcamon lives and hunger
✓ Added RepairScroll to GameShop (repairs dusted item with loss of stats)
✓ Added event special SpaceStone to GameShop (will be removed after the event)
✓ Added IceDrakeNecklace to the GameShop
✓ A small exp increase where player level is greater than monster’s
✓ Added server time to server icon under minimap
Removed drop harvesting from some monsters (Drone, Romer, Terror, StoneTerror)
Auction House will only open in a main safe zone (ie not the GP hunting areas!)
✓ Restricted potion / alchemy drops*

* Super / Champion monsters will now drop limited numbers of potions or ingredients – rather than their entire drop file. The aim here is to improve the overall experience by reducing the mess and spreading out these drops more evenly across a hunt.

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