The event got off to a bumpy start on Saturday with some missing drop files and oh so sticky sweets getting stuck to the floor. We have now identified the key issues and complaints after a public consultation and are looking forward to applying the following updates on Monday.

✓ Added more monsters into the Forsaken Ruins and increased respawn times
✓ Added more event monster spawns across the whole of Arcadia
✓ Doubled the number of Spectres that spawn per hour
✓ Adjusted monster stats slightly (including faster monster walk speed)
✓ Refined some of the drop charts a little for monsters and bosses
✓ Doubled the rate that event monsters evolve into Super or Champions
✓ Added new stats to the Pumpkin Heads (Gold Find, Magic Find, Experience)
✓ Added 5 basic quests to offer some targets and give out a few potions
✓ Reduced cost to event maps to 5/10/15/20 GamePoints per level bracket


In other news a special boss Hell Raiser was killed by a team of highly skilled players led by the almighty Kingkongen.

Congratulations DarkStyle, Zade, JnavI, Lucy, azze, Shafted, chenghan, Paranoid, PopCorn, SharkBoy and Kingkongen on receiving an unidentified HolyCrystalArmour(F) and a metric ton of junk.


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