Secluded for generations, the Elysian City has been lost to the mainland and it will surely take a pure Hero to discover it’s true location.. – Kevin, Mongchon

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that the stars have aligned, the code has compiled, and the mythical landscapes have been rendered: the long-awaited “Elysian City” update now has an official release date!

We want to extend a heartfelt Thank You to our incredible community for your unwavering support and patience. We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting fresh adventures, new challenges, and a revitalised experience, and the moment to deliver on those promises is finally on the horizon.

The upcoming update is thoughtfully designed to bring you a range of system improvements and modificationsWe have considered a variety of views and opinions and done what we believe is best to strike the balance. Many of these changes are interconnected, making it essential for us to release them all together in one cohesive package for a seamless experience.

If you’ve been taking a break from the game, there’s no better time than NOW to reawaken your account from its slumber. Dust off those virtual cobwebs, reorganise your inventories, and power-level your way back into fighting shape.

The countdown begins; gear up and get ready to set foot into the Elysian City!


Upcoming Events

Prepare for the new content and a new level cap with bonus XP events:


TODAY: Lunar Moon with Spawns + 20% and XP 1.1x

Fri 8th to Mon 11th: XP Multiplier 1.3x

Wed 13th to Fri 15th: New Moon with Spawns + 20% and 2x Drops – PLUS XP 1.3x



Elysian City Release

The secretive new City of Elysium is nearly ready to be discovered! A new level cap will usher in new dungeons, monsters, items and upgrades. There will be new runes and new orbs. New Game Shop items and currencies. New merchants and quests. New pet food crafting and alchemy ingredients. Rename items with Gold Ink. New account buffs and level 4 skills!

We will be releasing detailed update information right here next week.



Due to their greater power and ability, the Elysians consider themselves superior to mainlanders and care not of their kind. Perhaps they do not realise the strength now held by the Heroes in the south!


The Elysian City will be released on Saturday 16th September.

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