A list of all notable updates to the engine and client in the third quarter of 2020.

Engine and Client

✓ Updated game notifications (top left) colours and behaviours
✓ Added resting experience notification / effects
✓ Added “KillChain”, Extermination Meter
✓ Group leader will be auto-reassigned when current leader leaves
✓ Rearranged @roll message reply with username at the end..
✓ Improvements to the Smart Drop system (weapon, armours, items, skill books)
✓ Made some adjustments to Arcamon which have a distance attack (see below)
✓ Increased potion (HP/MP) heal rate
✓ Updated Skill Bar with snap toggles (top left / right side)
✓ Added event notice boards in Bichon Wall
✓ Updated “server info” icon under minimap
✓ Allied Guild members may now assist in capturing castles by being inside
✓ Lion Roar will paralyse monsters for up to 3 seconds (player level dependent)
✓ Bloodlust is now draining HP to the player correctly
✓ Summon-type pet descriptions updated for pet summon level
✓ Poison Recovery and Poison Resistance should now be fully integrated / functional (where appropriate)

n.b. Some Arcamon no longer charge into battle but will use magic attacks from a distance. Once an enemy is close by then they will approach and use their melee attacks also



 Lunar Events 

Each phase of the moon will observe different effects in game! For six days a month there will be server-wide buffs giving a mixture of increased spawns, more supers, more exp and even double drops.