Project69 Event

Join us this Easter holiday for an exciting event skies high above Project69. Earn a place in these tranquil lands amongst the not so friendly Protectors of Paradise.

Skies of Arcadia is this years Easter Event on Project69. On March 23rd at 20:00 GMT, players will be greeted by an Easter Bunny in Fort Evil who will take you to various areas of the event. Four instanced regions for each level group, with their own Eater related event entertainment!

Skies of Arcadia – Easy – level 100 and below;
Skies of Arcadia – Hard – level 120 and below;
Skies of Arcadia – Difficult – Level 140 and below
Skies of Arcadia – Nightmare – All Players


Arcadia Event

Based on the River of Flames event, we have 4 instanced dungeons for a variety of level ranges:

 Dungeons and Dragons – Easy – level 100 and below;
 Dungeons and Dragons – Hard – level 120 and below;
 Dungeons and Dragons – Difficult – Level 140 and below
 Dungeons and Dragons – Nightmare – All Players

Dungeons and Dragons is an Easter event on Arcadia, beginning on March 30th at 10:00 AM BST. Each instance contains 12+3 floors with thousands of demonic minions running riot and causing mischief. The serpent Glaurung patrols the lower depths of the molten seas while the super-boss Retshe stands by his throne guarding his treasures.

The extended version of this event provides a further 3 floors for each instance. Eight races of dragon lurk in the fiery depths. Will you be lucky enough to find a Dragon Egg?